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Just compare PDF itinerary and Travel Tree Itinerary.

Use the same dynamic itinerary for your webpages, offers and travel instructions!


Webpage itineraries

Create itineraries from templates and ready made blocks several times faster then you used to! Publish them on your webpage in few clicks.

Offer itineraries

Modify template itinerary or webpage itinerary, manage prices and send this offer via a link to your client. The client can book optional activities online.

Travel itineraries

After the trip is booked, make the same itinerary more detailed, activate guide notes, add reservation numbers, tickets and vouchers and your clients will have everything at hand before and during the trip.

What is Travel Tree?

Webpage itineraries

Publish cutting edge itineraries on your webpage in a few seconds.

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Quick offers

Create offers from webpage itineraries, templates and ready made blocks. Manage prices, give options and add bookable extras. Send those offers to your clients via unique links.

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Price calculations

You can manage net and gross prices, markups and discounts, as well as calculate the final price of the offer in a couple of minutes.

Booking management

Clients can book extras directly from their itinerary before or during the trip.

You can control the reservations of each element in your itineraries, as well as payments to suppliers.


Save information about trips, guided tours, services, suppliers and locations as well as travelers feedback for future reference

Agent integrations

Send offers to your agents. They can edit itineraries and pricing and resend offers to their clients under their own branding.

Travel itineraries

Your clients receive the final itinerary, booking references, attachments and all information needed for the trip via a secure personal link. They can select and book extras before or during the trip.

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Itinerary Examples

Fast offer

Itinerary that you can make in few minutes. Impress clients with the fastest offers ever.

Detailed offer

Itinerary with prices, lodging, excursions, etc. – a more elaborate version of the fast offer.

Travel details

Itinerary for the individual or group trip with timeline, booking numbers, tickets, instructions etc.


Itinerary with driving directions, tickets, all necessary information and bookable extra activities.

Why Travel Tree?

Saving time

You can create and update web page itineraries, offers and info. packages, calculate offer prices, manage bookings and payments to suppliers several times faster than you do it now. All trips, services, suppliers and prices will be organised and easy to work with.

Offers, that stand out

Your clients are likely to request several offers from different companies. Modern and user-friendly offer itineraries are the perfect way to make a great first impression and show the benefits of buying your services.

Dynamic itineraries

All updates in itineraries are immediately visible via the same link. This allows you to send a fast offer and then add more info, pictures and prices. Clients can select options and see how this influences the total price. They can book extras inside the itinerary.

Smart and flexible

Travel Tree itineraries are the most customisable ones you will ever find. You can create simple itineraries as well as very detailed ones. You can even send the same itinerary in different languages, as well as use any language and any currency.

Gives choice

In itineraries you can create bookable alternatives: different accommodation, optional activities, price options and so on. Now there’s no need to create different versions of the same itinerary when you send an offer.

Networking and loyalty

Your agents will be able to work with your itineraries free of charge. They will also be able to publish and update itineraries of your trips on their websites in few clicks. This will increase the level of loyalty to your company and make it stand out amongst competitors.

Advanced filters

All itineraries and offers can be filtered by location, supplier, responsible manager, language, time of departure and even type of experience and attraction. For example, you can easily find all itineraries with visiting SPA. Filtering is done automatically with no need to create tags.

Detailed yet compact

Each location, experience and so on is presented with its photos, location and information. But navigation through an itinerary is still very easy. There are separate tabs for different days and details can be folded. Less important events use less space in the itinerary.

Saving trees

No more printing itineraries, vouchers, booking confirmations, agreements, etc. Everything will be in one place and automatically updated on the client’s smartphone. Moreover, we will plant one real tree for each new user!

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Do you still have questions?

Is Travel Tree an app?

Travel Tree is a web app. The software operates via a browser – any browser. You don’t need to install anything on your computer, and the clients don’t need to install an app. All data is safely stored on the cloud (on servers in Germany). You send the itinerary to your client via a unique secure link.

How safe is my data?

Your itineraries, quotations and other data will be stored on the cloud on servers in Germany. Everything is backed up and accessible from any device for your company only.

Can I use Travel Tree with my CRM?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is put a link to the offer in Travel Tree into your CRM. You can consult us for more details regarding this. We can also create a custom integration with your CRM.

How can I publish Travel Tree itinerary on my webpage?

No coding skills are required for this. Each itinerary has a button to generate a short, unique HTML code. You paste this code into the text editor in the backend of your webpage. The itinerary is loaded instantly on your webpage via an iFrame. Webpage itineraries do not require any updates; you make changes in your Travel Tree account and they are visible on your webpage.

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